Vern Six
Senior Software Developer

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I am a Senior PHP Full Stack Developer 
with 22 years experience building high-performing, scalable, enterprise grade web applications.

I have been working daily with Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP (LAMP Stack) for the past 22 years.

I am also profecient in Python/Django. I have written many real world interfaces to motors and sensors, etc using Python.

I have extensive knowledge of many different PHP and MVC frameworks including Laravel, Cake, Zend, Code Igniter, Kohana, Slim and my own framework… iPinga

I have an iron clad understanding of Object Oriented Design and practices.

In addition, I am very solid in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Rest, Web API Design, Angular and much more.

I’m not merely a “script kiddie”, I write full fledged web applications from the ground up on a daily basis.


Skills Summary

Being a software developer in today’s fast paced development world requires continual exposure to a variety of skills, as well as a passion for constantly learning new skills.  Below is a list of some of technical skills I bring to the table, along with an indicator of how many years experience I have using each.

PHP (20 yrs)

PHP is one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages, and is perhaps the most popular programming language in use today.

I have been hand-coding in PHP since 1997.  You won’t find anyone more solid in this language.  I have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend, Cake, Kohana, Slim and my own MVC framework iPinga. 

MVC / OOP (15 yrs)

In object-oriented programming (OOP), model-view-controller (MVC) is the best design pattern for successfully and efficiently relating the user interface to the underlying data models.  

I have been developing with these proven methodologies for over 15 years on a daily basis.

MySQL (22 yrs)

LAMP (an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) became the leading open source web platform early on.  A large majority of popular websites, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and Craigslist, use it in their web presence.

I have been using MySQL since 1995.

Mongo (5 yrs)

MongoDB is a document-oriented database.  Instead of storing data in rows in a table, like a relational database, it stores data in a collection of individual documents.  In MongoDB, a document is simply a big JSON blob with no particular format or schema.

I have been using MongoDB regularly since 2012.  As of this writing, I have multiple production systems using this database platform.

JavaScript (22 yrs)

JavaScript is the most commonly used client side scripting language. 

In the past 22 years, I would be hard pressed to recall a single web site or application where I didn’t use JavaScript.   I have a very solid grasp of ES6 and all aspects of this very powerful scripting language.

Ajax (12 yrs)

Ajax is a set of web development techniques using many web technologies on the client side to create asynchronous web applications.  Web applications can now send and receive data asynchronously without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

I have been a champion of Ajax since its inception, and have used it extensively for the past 12 years. It is a crucial part of most web applications I have written.

(3 yrs)

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. Object-oriented programming and structured programming are fully supported, and many of its features support functional programming and aspect-oriented programming (including by metaprogramming) and metaobjects (magic methods)). Many other paradigms are supported via extensions, including design by contract and logic programming.

I have built many real world interfaces to motors, sensors, etc using Python. 

Node.js (2 yrs)

Node.Js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for executing servers-side JavaScript code.

I was first exposed to Node.Js in 2015 and have written numerous applications and APIs with it.  I find this platform to be the most exciting development platform to come along in a very long time.

jQuery (11 yrs)

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify document navigation, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events and develop AJax applications.

I have used jQuery routinely since 2006, shortly after it came out.

REST API (12 yrs)

RESTful web services are a way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the internet.

I have extensive first-hand knowledge of working with many different APIs as well as building them for my clients.

APIs I have used include, but are certainly not limited to, AimTell, BoomTrain, OneSignal, PayPal, BrainTree,, FirstPay, QuickBooks, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Garmin, Facebook, Twitter and countless others.

(20 yrs)

Linux is without a doubt the most widely used server operating system.   It is estimated that over 90% of the websites on the Internet today are running some form of Linux.

I have been using Linux for all my own servers for over 20 years using Apache as the webserver software.  I also have some experience using NGINX.

My personal development computer is running Ubuntu 16.04

Much more…

The above technical disciplines are just a few of the wide range I bring to the table.  I also have vast experience with API development; server configuration and management; countless developer tools such as Git, SVN, etc.

I routinely work in teams as an additional resource to a company’s own staff, as well as independently.  

What are you waiting for?  Let’s talk soon, about your needs. 

Clifton Strengths Assessment

Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best.  When they identify their talents and develop them into strengths, people are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged.

Gallup’s Clifton Strengths assessment is the premier strength assessment available anywhere.  Below are the four strengths this assessment identified as my strongest characteristics.  The narratives, under each, are from Clifton Strengths assessment.


People exceptionally talented in the strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed.  Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.


People exceptionally talented in the responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do.  They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.


People exceptionally talented in the restorative theme are adept at dealing with problems.  They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.


People exceptionally talented in the futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be.  They energize others with their visions of the future.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my clients say:

Vern is an amazing coworker, lead developer and architect. As my senior, Vern was patient and easy to approach. He went above and beyond to make sure I was set up for success. Vern believes communication is a key to success and will make sure everyone one on his team understands their deliverables and goals. Vern was delightful to work with and I would work with him again, no questions asked.

Piper Hayden
Front End UX/UI Web Dev

Vern is a model employee and is always willing to jump in and do what needs to be done. When I assigned Vern a task, I never had to worry about whether or not it would be completed or if it would be done correctly. Often, developers need a little bit of hand holding and need someone to spell out the specific tasks/tickets/issues in order to get any work done. Not Vern — I could hand him an idea and he was able to quickly determine the best way to proceed, convert it into practical steps, and knock it out quickly — all while keeping me in the loop.

Vern is obviously an expert developer and is able to quickly learn new frameworks and technologies.

I can’t recommend Vern highly enough. If you need a developer, hire him. He’s worth it.

Marshall Sherman
Chief Technical Officer

I hired Vern as a remote developer to help build an on-demand platform using LAMP. I was very impressed with the results and hope to use him again in future projects. Vern handled everything I threw at him. It was great having someone I could depend on to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

Mike Hogan
Chief Technical Officer

After interviewing Vern for a Software Developer,I was impressed by his professionalism, confidence and overall knowledge of Software Development utilizing a LAMP stack. After hiring Vern and getting to know him, I was even more impressed by his work ethic, attention to detail, note taking, time estimates, team collaboration, friendliness, and much more. Vern is easy to work with and is able to provide a real boost to any Software Development team.

Steve Weimholt
Technical Lead

Vern helped my team and I build the leading platform for the field service industry. Not only is Vern one of the best PHP developers I’ve ever met, he is also a patient mentor to my more junior developers. I look forward to the day I can work with him again.

Gerald Bailey
VP Development & Technology

Vern is arguably the best hire I have ever made.  Sharp, experienced, and just the kind of leader we wanted!

Jeff West
Chief Executive Officer

My background is in Cisco networking and automation programming.  Even with this background I still run into some very perplexing situations. Vern always had valuable input and took personally finding the solution, the root cause and effectively preventing a repeat occurrence.  I am happy to highly recommend Vern for any programming or networking position.

Andrew Shelburne
I.T. Supervisor

Vern is a very good problem solving programmer that I would recommend to anyone. He managed large databases for us along with writing several conversion and regulatory programs to help us with various State Agencies in Texas.

Barry Hagemann
Regulatory Consultant

Vern has always been my “go to” developer whenever I would come across a client that needed work done on the LAMP stack.

Vern has been a great resource as a fellow developer. His skills are unquestionable and he has conquered every challenge I’ve ever seen him tackle. Vern is a great self-manager and always has his eye on product development timelines.

His professionalism makes working with him a pleasure!

His software design and architecture skill are the best you will find. I would never hesitate to send a client his way. I know the job will be done and most importantly be done right!

Trent Grandey
Senior .Net Developer

Vern is a very talented software and network engineer who did a great job.

My husband and I own a piece of very remote property, where conventional internet is simply not available. Vern designed, constructed and installed a wide-area-network consisting of multiple towers and microwave links (spanning more than 12 miles) to bring high speed internet service to our property. In this process, Vern personally built and installed multiple towers as well.

Vern handled all the technical aspects of the routers, firewalls, communications and error correction to make our service safe; fast; and reliable.

Vern has demonstrated time and time again that he knows his stuff when it comes to networking and software engineering. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any position he seeks. His talents and his patience are second to none.

Carolyn Reindollar

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